Best Ways to Kill Yourself

Pentobarbital euthanasia

The topic of mental health has been a source of many debates both online and offline because of the rise in suicide cases. Most governments are allocating millions in resources to curb this trend. But this has not stopped the rise in the number of suicides.

For people are tired with life and want to end their lives, this article discusses the best ways to kill yourself. We are an online global store that specializes in supplying euthanasia drugs. We understand about suicide and our aim is to help people have a peaceful and painless death.

Below are some of the best ways to kill yourself

Slitting wrists

Slitting of wrists is a very popular way that people use to end their lives. It is worth noting that statistics are not always in favor of this technique.

Most individuals tend to lock themselves in the bathroom, get into the bathtub and slit their wrists. They then bleed to death. To increase the success rate of this method, you need to use a very sharp object like a razor or knife. Note that the method can be extremely painful.

You also need to be strong mentally and ready to endure pain. The moment between the time you cut your first wrist and the time you cut your second is not always easy.

Headshot using a firearm

Shooting yourself in the head with a firearm is a very popular way of suicide. The method has proved to be very effective if the user is precise. When pulling the trigger, ensure that the bullet doesn’t miss your brains. To guarantee this, most people will put the firearm in the mouth and pull the trigger.

Note that death by a firearm doesn’t guarantee 100% results. Studies show that 5% of individuals have survived. Injuries from a gunshot are mostly permanent.

Drug overdose

When you overdose on drugs, your vital organs collapse and you die. Sleeping pills are the most popular drugs that people use for suicide. They take multiple pills with alcohol to make them more lethal.

The possibility of surviving after using this method is always high. One of the reasons is pharmaceuticals no longer make pills strong enough to kill. Also, your body can subconsciously vomit the drugs after you’ve swallowed them.


People have been using this suicide method for centuries. Governments have also executed hundred thousands of people through hanging. The method is not 100% painless and the victim doesn’t die instantly.

When hanging yourself ensure that you’ve considered your weight and height. Use a strong rope that will not break. A rope breaking means that you will break your bones and spine which can be very painful.

Throwing yourself in front of a moving lorry or train

The method is very popular especially among people who live in urban areas. According to studies, this method can be very risky. You need to do your calculations well to avoid tripping before you jump. Always ensure the train hits you on your head.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a very lethal gas. Breathing in the gas in high amounts guarantees death. The gas cuts oxygen supply in the body. People need to ensure that they breathe in sufficient amount of the gas to guarantee results. Statistics show that most people who use this method die painlessly in their sleep.


The whole idea behind killing yourself is stopping the heart from functioning. Electrocution is a perfect way to do this. You just need to ensure that the currents are high and death will be a guarantee. If low currents are used, the victim can expect a lot of pain.

Which Method Do We Recommend?

As said earlier, we’re a global online drug store that specializes in euthanasia drugs. We want to help people end their lives in a dignified manner without suffering or pain. We sell top quality drugs like:

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When taken correctly, all these drugs will deliver a peaceful death.

Suicide by Pentobarbital (Nembutal)

Nembutal is a very lethal drug that belongs to a powerful group of drugs known as barbiturates. The drug is very popular for euthanasia. It kills you by suppressing activities in the brain and central nervous system. If you take a lethal dose of the drug, death is fast and painless.

Death by Potassium cyanide

Potassium cyanide is a very potent and toxic drug that people use for suicide. Its history goes back to World War 2. Nazi soldiers would take the drug and end their life to avoid torture. Death using this drug is said to be calm and painless. To enhance effectiveness, ensure that the acidity levels in your stomach are high.

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A Final Word

Although there are many methods of suicide. Not all guarantee a painless and quick death. However, our drugs guarantee that. We will help you achieve the peaceful death you desire.