Die painlessly in your sleep

Die painlessly in your sleep

If you have lived long enough, you have probably heard someone who died in his or her sleep. However, what does “Die painlessly in your sleep” feel like? Is the death peaceful? What actually causes someone to die in his or her sleep? Continue reading to learn more about this.

Below are some cases that might cause you to die in your sleep

Sudden cardiac arrest

Also known as SCA, Sudden cardiac arrest can occur when the sinoatrial nod, the node in the heart that acts as the natural pacemaker in the body has a damage. This condition occurs when the heart’s electrical systems have a malfunction. In some instances, it is severe within a few minutes. It kills by reducing the blood flow to the brain. What makes it scary is studies show that half of the victims do not show any symptoms before the SCA.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning

If you are familiar with gases, you know CO is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause lethal effects if you breath too much of it. You will find this gas in the fumes from stoves, running cars, fireplaces, grills, furnaces, and many more. What makes this gas dangerous? It is almost impossible to detect it. How does it kill you? If enough of this gas builds up in a locked up place, breathing it can be lethal.  Inhaling enough of it in your lungs is enough to kill you. If you manage to survive, you will wake up feeling dizzy, weak or having a headache. If you are sleeping, you will experience no symptoms and you will probably die in your sleep.

Myocardial infarction

Commonly known as a heart attack, this condition can happen when you are sleeping. Luckily, this type of cardiac attack will wake up before you die. For those who are not aware, a heart attack will happen when blood flow to the heart is blocked. The blockage destroys part of the heart muscle. If the damage is huge, the heart might not be strong enough to pump blood to other body parts, which causes a heart failure. Failure to seek medical attention causes death. The sad part is you cannot seek medical help if you are sleeping meaning you are likely to die in your sleep.

Central sleep apnea

This disorder causes your breathing to stop and start repeatedly when you are unconscious. The cause for this is when your brain fails to send the required electrical signals to the muscles that control your breathing patterns when you are sleeping. Specialists believe a problem in your brain stem causes it. How does it kill you? If the apnea case is severe, hypoxemia happens – it happens when the levels of oxygen in your body fall below those needed for normal body function, which leads to oxygen deprivation.

Cerebral Aneurysm

Also known as, a brain aneurysm, this condition is a weak spot in the wall of a blood vessel in your brain. More of a thin balloon filled with blood. With time, as blood pumps through the artery, it continues to swell and weaken and if the pressure continues, it can cause a rapture. When a rapture occurs, the bleeding will last a few seconds. However, the blood will cause damage to the brain cells and increase the pressure in your skull. If the pressure is too much, this condition can be severe.

Dry Drowning

Not many people are familiar with the term dry drowning. What does it mean? As reports suggests, it is a very terrific way to die. The whole idea behind it is that this drowning occurs even when the victim is not near water. Technically, it is still drowning despite some doctors arguing for people to drop the term. Its cause is when inhaled water even a drop or two makes it past your throat and into the lungs. You will experience some symptoms but they are mild. The issue is this water can cause breathing issues that get worse with time. The worst part is the breathing problems can occur after many hours or even days after you are asleep. The condition kills by asphyxiating the victim thus depriving them of oxygen until they suffocate.

The widow maker heart attack

Specialists who deal with heart attack issues will tell you this heart attack is one of the deadliest type of heart attack that you can experience. The reason is most heart attacks can wake up their victims before they die but the “Widow Maker’ cannot. It occurs when the left main artery is blocked. When the blockage in this artery is 100%, the condition becomes fatal if there is no medical attention. How will it kill you? It causes damaged heart muscle that fails to pump blood hence fatal results.

All the above cases are cases that can kill you in your sleep accidentally. Although there are others, these are the ones that standout. However, what happens if you want to die painlessly in your sleep with the help of a drug? What do you do? People take several drugs to help with that. One of the common ways people do it is the use of sleeping pills. They overdose on sleeping pills and die in their sleep. One way to speed this process is taking the pills with alcohol. These two react to cause a lethal dose that will kill you. The problem with this method is it does not always guarantee a peaceful death.

Death by Nembutal

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Final thoughts

Dying in your sleep is probably the best way to die. The above ways are just some of the ways you can die painlessly in your sleep.