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Have you ever contemplated suicide? Or have you read about suicide? Maybe you went on google and searched “methods of suicide”. We are sure you will not go to the second page without coming across the terms Nembutal powder. This drug has become very popular because of its use in suicide. The drug is very toxic in high doses, which makes it a go to drug for the individuals who need to end their life. It is very easy to overdose with this drug. In this article, we will discuss everything you would like to know about this drug.

What is Nembutal Powder?

Nembutal is a name that John S Lundy authored during the 1930s. The drug belongs to a group of drugs called barbiturates and works by reducing the activities of the central nervous system and the brain. The drug was most well-known during the 60s for treating insomnia. Therapeutic experts likewise utilized it to treat seizures and for different purposes not recorded here.

The uses of Nembutal powder

One of the common use of Nembutal is its use in treating insomnia and anxiety in the past years. However, after most countries restricted it, other safer sleeping pills and drugs have so far replaced Nembutal. The drug is however still accessible in many countries particularly to euthanizing animals. In research centers, the drug is entirely for medicinal reasons, for example, sedation and anesthesia.

Some crucial information you should know about Nembutal powder

People who are allergic to Nembutal or some other barbiturates should not take Nembutal powder. Those with porphyria should also abstain from utilizing Nembutal powder. This hereditary enzyme condition affects the CNS and the skin.

Nembutal can be addictive and habit forming and individuals without a prescription should not take it. For this reason, you should not share this drug to other individuals particularly those with a background of substance misuse.

Nembutal powder can have severe side effects that can weaken your judgment or your thinking so you should avoid tasks that require you to be alert.

Avoid taking alcoholic drinks if you are taking Nembutal powder except if you need to end your life. Liquor helps accelerate the effects of Nembutal.

Nembutal affects the effectiveness of contraceptive pills. If you are under Nembutal treatment, use non-hormonal birth control methods such as condoms to ensure you don’t get pregnant.


  • Pre sedatives
  • Sedative
  • Anticonvulsant
  • Hypnotics for short term insomnia treatment

What will occur if you overdose on Nembutal powder?

Overdosing on any barbiturate leave alone Nembutal can have detrimental effects on you. Since they are central nervous system suppressants, you are probably going to suffer from lethal effects in the event of an overdose. You ought to get therapeutic help quickly if you speculate you have taken excessively of this drug. The effects of a Nembutal overdose can be serious. Indications of an overdose include feeling weak, dilated pupils, slow or fast heartbeat, less or lack of urinating, weak pulse, slow breathing or fainting.

In most pessimistic scenarios, a Nembutal overdose can cause physical harm to your brain and other essential organs, for example, the kidney and even demise.

What occurs in the event of a missed Nembutal Dose?

Most patients take Nembutal when there is need to so there is less possibility of a missed dose. However, if you take the drug routinely and you miss your dose, at that point you should take the missed dose immediately you remember. You should skip the dose if it is nearly time for the following dose. You should not take an additional dose to compensate for the missed dose. You chance overdosing if you do this.

Nembutal powder dosage

The dosages of Nembutal depends on the reason you are taking the drug and it differs from one individual to another.

For example, if you are taking Nembutal for euthanasia, the measurements as per the Oregon law is 9 grams while at times 12 grams. A few factors, for example, your age, weight, wellbeing status will decide the measure of Nembutal you require. There are reports of individuals who have not endured 9 grams and the individuals who have endured. As per our very own examination as Nembutal venders, we advise our customers to take two containers containing 9-12 grams. Taking such sums ensures that the drug works even to people showing resistance to the drug.

If you are taking Nembutal for treatment purposes, ask your specialist on the right doses that you should take. Your specialist will lead tests that will guarantee you are taking the right measurement.

Nembutal side effects

Practically all barbiturates have side effects. Some of them can be mild while others are extreme. One of the most common side effect is addiction and dependency. Individuals who take Nembutal for long mostly experience withdrawal side effects when they quit taking the drug. Nembutal additionally has the likelihood of causing a few unfavorably allergic reactions, for example, hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Other effects can be hallucination, confusion, shallow or weak breathing, weak pulse, slow heart rate and feeling like you want to pass out.

Others include

  • Constipation, nausea, and vomiting
  • Memory loss or poor concentration
  • Aggression, excitement or irritability
  • Nightmares
  • Headache or hangovers
  • Poor coordination and loss of balance

Note that other side effects might occur. Call your doctor if you notice something abnormal after taking pentobarbital.

What is the legal status of Nembutal powder?

Nembutal powder has the classification of a schedule 2 drug meaning you risk a long prison term or a hefty fine if you are caught moving or purchasing Nembutal. Since it is a controlled drug, you require a prescription from a qualified specialist to buy.

Final thoughts

Although this might not be everything about Nembutal powder, it is enough information on anything might want to know.


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