Suicide drugs dark web

Suicide drugs dark web

 We are sure you have heard about the words dark web before. However, do you know what it is? In simple words, it is part of the internet not indexed by search engines. When you hear someone mention “dark web” mostly what will come to your mind is criminal activities. According to a study done recently, out of 2723 live dark web sites, 57% host illegal items. Whether you are looking for suicide drugs dark web, counterfeit money, credit card numbers, hacked Netflix accounts, or any type of drug, you will find it here.

However, it is worth noting that not everything is illegal in the dark web. It has its legitimate side. You can find a black book, chess club or a social media known as “the Facebook of Tor”.

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The dark web browser

Accessing the dark web is not like accessing the normal web. You need a special browser to access it. Navigating the dark web is not easy. The place is as chaotic and messy since everyone is anonymous and most people here are after defrauding others. For you to access the dark web, you need to use an anonymizing browser known as Tor. This browser routes your web requests via a series of proxy servers that thousands of volunteers globally operate. This renders your IP address untraceable and unidentifiable. The Tor browser works like magic.

There are several dark web search engines. However, even the best are struggling to keep up with the landscape that constantly keeps on shifting. The experience of navigating the dark web is similar to that of searching the web in the late 90s. Even a great search engine like Grams brings back results that are mostly irrelevant and repetitive to the question.

The dark web sites

If you have never visited a dark web site, there is no need to worry. They look pretty much like other sites. However, there are important differences. The major difference is the naming structure. Instead of a site ending with a .co or .com, the dark web sites end in .onion. According to Wikipedia, this is a special-use high-level domain suffix showing an anonymous hidden service reachable through a Tor network. Only browsers with the right proxy can access these sites while others cannot.

Additionally, the dark web sites use a scrambled naming system that creates URLs, which are often impossible to master. For instance, a popular commerce site known as Dream Market has the unintelligible address “eajwlvm3z2lcca76.onion.” note that its scammers who set up most dark websites and they constantly move around. Even the most trusted sites that might have been in existence for more than a year might suddenly disappear if they want to take your cash and flee with the money they are holding on behalf of the customers.

Authorities are also upping their game when it comes to finding and prosecuting the owners of the websites that sell illegal services and goods. In 2017, the cyber police had one of the biggest successful shut down was Alpha Bay, one of the largest dark web source of contraband.

Commerce on the dark web

Business in the dark web is flourishing thanks to bitcoin. This crypto-currency enables two people to conduct a transaction without having to know the identity of each other. The two have influenced the growth of each other in a big way.

Almost every commerce site conducts transactions using bitcoins. However, this does not always guarantee safety. The anonymity of the dark web helps thieves and scammers thrive. However, do you expect a safe environment when buying illicit products?

Dark web websites have the same features as any other retail sites such as shopping carts, reviews/ratings, and forums but there are crucial differences. One major difference is quality control. Since both the seller and the buyer are anonymous, the credibility of the reviews and ratings is suspicious. You can easily manipulate the ratings. Additionally, even the reputable shops can suddenly disappear with customer’s money only to set up a shop later under a different name.

Most sites offer a type of escrow service that keeps your funds on hold until your item reaches you. In case of a disagreement, the seller has an upper hand. Communications are encrypted so you need a PGP key to do even the smallest transaction. It does not always mean that your goods will arrive even after completing a transaction.

Is the dark web illegal?

As we have mentioned earlier, some sites in the dark web sell legal stuff. However, most of the things there are illegal. If you did not know, the Tor network started as an anonymous communication network. Up to date, it is still helping people communicate in hostile environments without freedom of speech. Most people use it in areas where internet access is illegal. Those who want to learn more about the cryptocurrency or privacy protection can do so in the dark web. There are various encrypted and private email services, advanced tips, and instructions for installing an anonymous OS.

Can you trust the suicide drugs dark web?

You can buy literally anything from the dark web even the suicide drugs. However, as we have said before, the dark web is a chaotic market with many scammers and thieves. It is not always a guarantee that your package will get to you. Even the most reputable shops have a history of disappearing on their customers only for them to come back with a different name.

Final thoughts

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